I'm inspired by the way it feels to be an observer, more than by any vision behind why I paint. All I know is that I can�t paint unless I feel moved to make a deep connection to the subject. I often use photographs as a source, but not with the intent of doing photographic likeness, or realism, or for the ease of reducing objects into two-dimensional form. It's the way the camera captures movement and light, and preserves the spirit of an instant. When I paint, I establish a bond - �become� my subject, like an actor approaches character. What I internalize gets moved back out of myself, onto the page. The sensual grace of a brush on canvas is a form of affection, a caress of another unique identity. Painting also feels deeply tied to nature - playing with tools and elements that stem from the earth. I can't think of any other reason for painting than to seek all these subtle connections.

            - Robin Moore